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Varieties grown and produced at Longleat include Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot. Longleat also produces a Rosé, an Australian Sparkling and a Late Harvest.

New Range – Zingari, made by Longleat Wines, Murchison.

Zingari means gypsies in Italian and the range currently consists of a single white and a single red variety.
This label recognises these are grapes varieties that have travelled, like gypsies, around the world and have found a home with us. View and order the new range below.

Cuvee Brut

Cuvee Brut

This Australian classic style is a blend of 3 select parcels of Chardonnay wines to provide a balance of delicate fruits and yeasty notes with a firm acid backbone.

Each batch is picked and made to add different characteristics to the final blend.

The fruit flavours reflect white stone fruits and citrus.

Tasting Notes:

• Flavoursome with a rich bubbly palate.
• The Brut style is fresh and crisp with just a hint of sweetness
• Enjoy chilled on any occasion

Bottle Price: $18 – Order Now

Cuvee Brut Front

Late Harvest

2018 Late Harvest

Murchison Late Harvest is a moderately sweet pre-dinner or post dinner rather than as a dessert wine. It can be enjoyed on its own or with moderately sweet, fruit driven desserts. It has no botrytis or oak ageing. It is a ‘drink now’ style that doesn’t benefit from ageing.

The grapes remain on the vines for approximately 10 extra days, accumulating higher sugar levels and more mature flavours. Fermentation can be stopped at the desired alcohol level leaving some residual sugar resulting in a wine of moderate sweetness with richer, riper flavours.

Tasting Notes:

• A moderately sweet pre-dinner or post dinner wine
• Enjoy on its own or with moderately sweet, fruit driven desserts.
• A ‘drink now’ style that doesn’t benefit from ageing.

Bottle Price: $18 – Order Now


2018 Rose

A classic style made by running off the juice from a red ferment when colour and tannin are minimal. Murchison Rose achieves higher colour than many others and this also adds to weight and complexity. Flavours can be candied apple, cashew nut, cigar box and dried fruit.

It is suited to a complex mix of flavours such as would be found on an antipasto plate or paella dish. It compliments poultry or pork dishes. Served chilled it can make an ideal after work ‘kick your shoes off’ drink.

Tasting Notes:

• Aged on lees and its development adds complexity to the wine.
• It is a dry/slightly off dry wine
• A complex palate despite the colour
• The ferment is finished in barrel allowing the subtle flavours to dominate.


Cabernet Sauvignon

2018 Cabernet Sauvignon

Three prime blocks of Cabernet Sauvignon which are all picked, fermented and treated separately. An elegant wine that is suitable to drink now or
will comfortably age for eight years. Rich fruits will develop complexity and the tannins will soften further. Sealed under screw cap for freshness and consistence.

Round full palate with fine integrated tannins. Black olive, star anise and clove spiciness. Enjoy with Mediterranean style slow cooked meats, home cooked roast lamb or a hearty pasta.

Tasting Notes:

• 38 year old vines grown on a shoot positioned trellis
• Slow fermentation allows maximum contact with skins to extract full flavour – hand plunging to aid extraction
• Aged in French oak for 12 months allowing the wine to mellow and tannins to soften.

Bottle Price: $24 – Order Now


2018 Shiraz

This bold Shiraz is the richest of the reds at Longleat. Only estate grown fruit is used to produce this wine. Aged in a mix of American and French oak for 12 months allowing it to mellow and tannins to soften. Drink now or comfortably age for eight years plus. Develop complexity and tannins will soften further with age. Sealed under screw cap for freshness and consistency.

All-spice, ripe plum and black pepper. A rich and full wine, with a firm tannin structure. Enjoy with roast meats and rich sauces or your favourite game.

Tasting Notes:

•38 year old vines grown on a shoot positioned trellis
•Slow fermentation allows maximum contact with skins to extract full flavour
•Fruit from the oldest vines are hand plunged in open ‘pots’ to allow the ferment to breathe.

Bottle Price: $24 – Order Now


2018 Chardonnay

The unoaked style is growing in popularity as often Chardonnays can be over-oaked and buttery. This is a straight forward fruit driven style. Fermentation is in stainless steel tanks and temperature controlled to maximise fruit aromas. Some lees ageing takes place to build complexity. No malo-lactic fermentation or oak is used in this style.

It is made to enjoy as a young wine but will age for a few years if bottle age is preferred. This wine is a little more complex than the Semillon so is suited to more complex foods. Enjoy with seafood or lighter pasta dishes

Tasting Notes:

• Unoaked (fermented in tank not barrels)
• Flavour profile is a mix of stone fruits and tending towards tropical.
• Some skin contact at harvest helps to build mid-palate and general weight.
• Reasonably high levels of natural acid provide a dry crisp finish.

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2018 Ragazzone

Gold medal winner at the 2015 Le Concours des vins des Victoria
Was the 2013 Ragazzone

Amarone wines are famous in Italy and around the world for their distinctive style and flavour.

Ragazzone or ‘big boy’ in Italian is what came to mind when pondering this wine. What would have been subtle flavours have been concentrated, developed and grown by the winemaking process.

This wine was produced by selectively cutting the fruit bearing shoots of the vine. The mild day temperatures and gentle breezes of Autumn allow a natural drying of the grapes to take place. The subtle loss of moisture results in a concentration of colour and flavour components and of sugars. The increased intensity of flavour and colour is evident whilst the higher sugar levels result in higher alcohol.

This is a dry wine. The palate is generous, rich and full. The flavours and texture have been intensified by the winemaking process. At bottling it shows chocolate, brambleberries and canned cherries.

“I am proud of this wine; it is a tribute to my winemaking heritage”
Winemaker Guido Vazzoler

Bottle Price: $50 – Order Now

Zingari Garganega

2019 Zingari Garganega

Is a white variety from the North of Italy near Verona. It is a dry, fruit driven wine showing ripe tree fruits and some tropical notes. It has a distinct mineral acid character on the palate. It is made to drink now but it ages very well. It is suited to chicken, seafood or moderately spiced Asian dishes.

Zingari Sangiovese

2018 Zingari Sangiovese

This gypsy originated in the Tuscan region of central Italy. The winemaking technique is a blend of the Italian and Australian sangiovese styles. It is a savoury wine with delicate plum and cherry aromas. On the palate it is robust with a firm tannin backbone.
Serve this wine with roast meats, game or veal. This wine will develop more character if aged for 5-8 years in the bottle.